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Welcome to ZaveIT Platform the world’s first virtualized service platform for IT resellers and MSPs.

The best way to learn about ZaveIT Platform is to experience it. See for yourself how ZaveIT makes it easy to Build, Sell and Manage your services.

The Industry solution for IT Resellers and MSPs

ZaveIT makes it easy for you to build, grow and manage your IT business, by removing the daily issues.

ZaveIT is passionate about providing the tools the IT Industry needs to succeed. With our game-changing Platform, we can add a big value to your business.


Build, Sell and Manage your cloud services

We believe in simplicity and automation to efficiently run your business. With the right tools, and integrations to collaborate and share, we help you make your customers love you.

All in one Platform


Build Anything as a Service

Build unique services based on any service or product and add features like App deliveries, ticketing, and training. Build your own services or Integrate distributors, to get access to products and services you can build your unique custom services from. Every task is manageable!


Sell your services

We believe in customer self-service, so we let you offer services on your website and in your customer portal. The ZaveIT customer portal gives your sales team direct access to sell your services from anywhere, either through the ZaveIT Platform or an integrated CRM system.


All in one platform

With our unique RISC management, we dramatically reduce the time spent on administration. With Virtualized service technology, we give you and your customers a better day by enriching, automating, and simplifying services and their management. 

Automate and simplify

By dramatically reducing operational costs through simplification and automation, we free up resources to increase sales and business development.

The ZaveIt Platform enable more efficient and flexible workflow, collaboration in your team and differentiation in the market.  The Platform includes unique management tool, with built-in e-commerce, CRM, ticketing, training and order management modules.

We optimize your business and enable Anything as a Service in your Marketplace.

With automated workflows, collaboration, integrations and intelligent management, we help organizations respond more quickly to customer needs and market demands. We can help you reduce costs and improve quality through efficiency.
We enable systems and humans to communicate by streamlining communication and improving workflows and performance. We can reduce time spent on repetitive and tireless tasks and help your systems work together through integration and automation.
By having the opportunity to build services, you can tailor the services to your customer’s needs and requirements and get more competitive offerings and pricing. We can help you build Anything as a Service, topped with unique features. 
Don’t let the systems limit your creativity. Flexibility allows the systems to scale with your business, whether you are small or large, tools for any task. No task is too small or to large. We help you Build, Sell, and Manage Anything as a Service.  
Customer offering with value-added. By adding customer self-service, training, and delivery insights to your customer offerings, we dramatically reduce the time spent on customer care and management. We can help you bring your customers the “little” extra.  
Data security
Data security that your customers can afford. Using unique and automated management techniques, we can gather information from any system or application to give you and your customers total insights. We can help you increase security through insights and automated management. 

ZaveIT Platform

The ZaveIT platform includes various tools ranging from security and data protection services, e-commerce for services, automated deployment and delivery, uniqe RISC management, end-user self-service for any service, platform and service white-labeling, service builder, training system, and much more. 

We enable service providers and resellers to cut costs and strengthen their market position by simplifying and automating deliveries and management with unique service virtualization technology.


Enable automated inbound sales as well as expected deliveries. Customize your service offerings to deliver unique services and fit your customer’s expectations. 


Brand your company and services by white labeling any service as needed. From the marketing label to features and UI.

Service Builder

Build anything as a service, customized from marketing to software and business integrations.

Business integrations

We know that to automate, we need to integrate. Integrations will transfer all information entered into the platform into your business and support systems.

content services


If we can’t provide it through our ever-growing service Marketplace,
build it yourself and even become a producer and offer it on our Marketplace.

Vulnerability Scan

Scans your web applications for known and unknown vulnerabilities.

M365 Backup

Protect your M365 data with automated protection and self-serviced recoveries.

Enterprise BaaS

Continuous protection of your data in any cloud service or on-premise environment.

Training & Awareness

Training and awareness is the best way to reduce security issues and threats.

Advantages for resellers

ZaveIT makes partners stronger

Our disruptive technology will optimize and enrich the way you deliver services to your customer with minimum impact on your existing business.


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