Sales channels

Sell everywhere

Bring your products closer to your customers.

Break down your silos

Strengthen collaboration across your organization by gathering all products and services in a one-stop shop for your customers.
Multi-tier platform with ZaveIT

Easily embed products and services to your website

Our solution helps you bring products closer to customers by embedding products and services on your website.
Embedded webshop with ZaveIT Platform
Multiple sales channels in the ZaveIT Platform

Boost your sales with a unique professional sales catalog

All products and services collected in one professional sales catalog that you can send directly to your customers.

Traditional sales in a unique CRM — tailored for ambitious sales teams

Elevate your sales team and equip them with a better way to customize and manage orders. Sending professional quotes directly to your customers has never been easier.
Quote in the ZaveIT Platform
Sales wizard

A seamless buying experience

All sales channels are integrated with our sales wizard, creating a seamless buying experience for your customers.
Dashboard mockup