February 8, 2024

ZaveIT Team

ZaveIT launches and we hope you enjoy it!

ZaveIT is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative platform, aimed at revolutionizing the IT reselling landscape. Join us in celebrating our journey from concept to reality, and discover how we're setting new standards for IT resellers worldwide.

ZaveIT launches and we hope you enjoy it!

Finally, the ZaveIT Platform has been launched

On Wednesday 15 June 2022, it was finally ready for the launch of the ZaveIT platform. It´s almost two years since we started and barely a year since we showed the concept in our MVP launch. Prior to the launch, ZaveIT has worked closely with selected IT resellers to learn as much as possible about how we can streamline and solve their biggest challenges. We have worked with long-term plans for the platform’s development and content, as well as initiated market research in the UK. Already at launch, we are a company with both national and international ambitions. ZaveIT is now represented by people in five countries – all with different histories and cultures, but with one common goal how to strengthen IT resellers.

During the launch, customers, partners, owners, and employees were all present. Technology profile Magnus Brøyn led us through the launch. General manager Lars Habberstad gave an engaging opening speech and told about ZaveIT’s vision for the future. Furthermore, Sales and Marketing Manager Fred Habberstad demonstrated how easy it was to get started and take advantage of the opportunities in the ZaveIT platform. Andy Palmer, who works for ZaveIT with EMA and the UK, spoke about his previous experiences with building global IT companies and what success factors are crucial for successful globalization. Finally, one of the content providers in the platform, Commvault, presented a post about Commvault’s position in backup and how exciting they think it is to be part of the platform.

We have been waiting a long time to launch and get ready to deliver our new platform for IT resellers, so now we are proud to be there now. We have great ambitions together with our partners and the platform reflects the direction we have set out ahead.

We hope you like what you see and you can learn more on www.zaveit.io